July 29, 2015
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A group for posting scanned newspaper articles, links to web sites and everything else of interest to devotees. Also a complementary overflow group and a special prosthetic group .

Amputee sighting stories
Quite a good group.

Quite high activity level, well moderated and an extensive photo section. There is also a second group for overflow files and photos.

A group for amputees and admirers from South Africa.

Amp Déjà Vu
Images and information about "classic" amputee ladies.

Amp lady haven
Pics, clips, and articles about real amputee women.

Amp Links Talks
Devotee experiences,feelings and thoughts "without politically correct hypocrisy".

Amps Photo Show
Film clips of still pictures of amputee ladies.

Amputee Devotee Dating
Companion discussion group to a now expired site.

Amputees Devotees in Unity
A group moderated by armless JoBeth Ravellette.

Amputee Fakes and Frauds
A group for posting warnings about people pretending to be amputees.

Amputee Moms and Pregnancy
Pictures, stories and support for amputee moms.

Amputee shares 2011
A group to talk about the various means that can be used to share images and files.

The amputee women blog
Blog with stories and pictures.

A discussion group belonging to the now expired Amputee Talk Line site

Picture sharing group.

Arm Amp-Devotees
Picture exchange group. Restricted membership.

Beautifully Disabled Women
Mainly for pictures. Membership requires contribution of three pictures. A lot of complementary groups; see the groups' links section.

Butterfly Lois
The blog site of a DAK-lady who deal with both amputee and devotee issues. Daily postings and new photos often added.

Curvy disabled
Disabled women who are plump, fat and curvy.

Devoted to arm amps 1
For pics, mpgs, stories and messages. Also a complementary group.

DHD women
For admirers of women with bilateral hip disarticulations.

Disabled Athletics - Amputee
For pictures of disabled athletes, specifically female amputee athletes.

Disabled models
Information about about online amputee modeling. Moderated by former fashion model Melissa Armstrong who has lost both her feet. Restricted membership.

A little bit better, but not much.

For Lovers Of Legless Ladies

Greec Amputee women
Not only Greek. Also a second group .

Hip and Hemipelvectomy Amputees
When nothing at all remains of one leg. There is also a complementary group.

For users of the Hampster system, configuration, operation, status and news.

Hook users
For those who are intterested in upper-extremity prostheses and the women who wear them.

Inner beauty
Blog with pictures of admirable amputee women.

Jessica Parks - armless girl fan club
The title speaks for itself.

The fan club of a young lady who lost three limbs in a suicide attempts.

Legless Images
Legless ladies, both ES and real.

Limbless in Chicago
For amputees and devotees in Chicago. Restricted membership.

Limbless in Seattle
A support network for amputee women and their admirers.

Metamorphosis Gallery
The Yahoo group of Gerhard Aba, a photographer who focuses his work on amputee ladies. Mainly in German.

Multi-Racial Amputees and Devotees
Relationships and romance between amputees and devotees despite racial and or cultural differences.

Onelegged Hookers
Hints about one-legged prostitutes.

Round and smooth
Blog about amputee ladies with rounded stumps.

Triple and quad amputees
This group will be closely monitored.



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