June 16, 2015
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The $30 DVDs
and $10 CDs

"Disabled women in daily life." Low cost CDs and DVDs with plenty of pictures and video clips of disabled women.

A Russian DAK-lady. Photo sets for sale.

Amp Caribe
An amputee lady who is selling pictures and video clips of herself.

Amp Jul
Updated  MAY 23
A Russian lady who has lost her right leg and has photo sets and videos for sale.

Amp Samanta
Updated  MAY 23
This lady lost a leg in a car crash. She is now selling pictures and video clips of herself.

Ample amputee
An amputee lady who is plump, to say the least. Videos and photo sets of pornografic character for sale.

Amputee Brittney
Brittney, an amputee lady who is wellknown among devotees, is selling photo sets of herself.

Amputee education
Videos to help amputees with fashion ideas, crutching technique alternatives, daily living tips, and more.

Amputee One Arm Advice
This young lady has recently had her right arm amputated and now publishes videos of herself at Youtube.

Amputee World
Download site with pictures and video clips. A public part as well as a members' area.

Amputees in Hollywood
Actors, comedians, fashion models, singers, musicians, speakers and stunt performers - who are all amputees.

Pictures and video clips of amputee women.

Porno video clips of an arm amputee woman.

Ascot World
Run by Jama Benett, herself an amputee, who organizes meetings for devotees and amputees. Personal ads, links to disabled ladies' home pages and other support group and social club functions. The subscription image and videoclip section is updated weekly.

Beauty and coragem
Devotee friendly motivational site for amputees. Also a shop with pictures and videos for sale.

Candy 2783
Photos and videos of a triple amputee lady.

A DAK-lady who is trying to raise money and who is producing videos.

This photographer's speciality is pictures of disabled girls, primarely those who use a wheelchair, but also some amputees.

A one-legged young lady who is selling photos of herself.

Fitness Unarmed
The web site of armless Barbara Guerra with a lot of pictures.

Handicap girls
Photo sets of amputee girls for sale.

A triple amputee lady. Photo sets and videos.

Updated  JUNE 16
(Also AmpGermanyRu). Jasmin is a young lady who has lost both her legs. Also other models. Pictures for sale.

Jessica Amputee
A beautiful young lady who is missing both an arm and a leg. Photo sets and videos.

Jessica Hamp
A young lady who is missing a hand and who has made an art out of it.

Lady Conny Amp
A leg amputee lady who doesn't show her face. Photos and videos for sale.

Magd Amp
A SAK-lady who is selling photo sets and videos of herself.

Mini arms for life
Her name is Jonya Brooks and she has short phocomelic arms. She is dev-friendly and she plans to make videos about herself.

An amputee lady, RAK and LBK. Photo sets and videos for sale.

Natalie's Palace
A one-legged lady. Photo sets for sale.

Updated  MAY 23
A lady who has lost both her legs. Photo sets and video for sale.

A classical and serious site with a lot of articles, historical documents and fiction about the devotee phenomenon.

Updated  JUNE 16
A double leg amputee lady. Photo sets and video clips for sale.

Amputee lady who has photo sets for sale.

Kimberley Barreda, actor, fashion model, athlete and DAK-amputee. She has also got another site: Amputee Goddess

Agency Visable
Handicap model agency.


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